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About Samantha

From the time I was 7 or 8 i have always loved the way golden hour looked. although it wouldn't have been until 10 years later that i even knew  the hour before sunset held a name.

i live for fun adventures with my camera in hand and my family by my side. i found a passion for  professional photography after photographing friends while traveling in ireland in 2015. now, 4 years later, i live to document the hundreds of little moments for both myself and other people that are treasured and looked back on.


Samantha, lead photographer

Despite being a photographer, the things that inspire me the most in the world are moments that can’t easily be captured in a photograph. Maybe that’s why I am drawn so much to photography – it’s a never-ending journey at an attempt of capturing these quick little moments and feelings that we all experience but can’t really describe. 

I find the art of capturing the energy of an engagement session or wedding day very natural to me. I love string lit dinner parties, eucalyptus arrangements  and all of those incredible, "you may now kiss the bride" photos  But what I’m really in love with is capturing the relationships, moments and feelings from a couple. The energy of the celebration that will one day – 10, 20 or 30 years from now – come rushing back as you look at your photos.

A few facts about me

-- My husband taught me everything about photography

-- Our dog is named Pixel ("how appropriate!" everyone says)

--I enjoy photography so much I usually direct and shoot my personal stuff

--I am a 50/50 toss-up between loving to be/ shoot in city streets and the country

-- when I don't have a camera in hand its usually a book

-- i'm a sucker for the details of weddings and events

--my whole family lives in the same small town

--I could eat breakfast for dinner every day


Q & A

How many photos do we get and how long does it take?

There is no set quantity of images but for most weddings you will end up with about 700+ digital images unless it is a smaller wedding with half day coverage. typical engagement sessions will receive about 80 images.

for weddings, Allow 3 -4 weeks to get your photos, sometimes sooner but never longer than 4 weeks. Engagement photos will be ready to view within 5-10 days.

Many Photos and you cant rush art.

Lets stay 


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