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Hey there, I'm Samantha

A photographer who specializes in natural light portraiture, couples, and wedding  photography. I passionately capture moments that are authentic and real.


 i capture weddings with a documentary approach, making the images I create feel organic, natural and true to the day. my hope is always for your moments to feel private and intimate through the session and reflected in the images. I see everything though a lens even if i don't have a camera in hand and knowing this, i am confident to never miss a moment that is presented in front of me.

i'm so honored that couples have chosen me to document their life's most memorable and private moments.


My philosophy

 I want to give you an experience

Is it not the small moments that are invaluable to us later on? It is the inconspicuous moments that touch us, sometimes, the ones we never knew we had. I photograph emotional & authentic couples that have nothing to do with cheesy and posed pictures.

My ambition is to preserve your memories that will bring you back to the moment in time

 even years later. 
Let me tell your story.

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"It's honestly unreal to me there are people on earth who won't have their milestones captured by you. It breaks my heart for them."

-Sarah G.

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