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Looking at 2019



noun 1. the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.

2 0 1 9 has been an even bigger year for me both personally and professionally than I ever anticipated. I shot bigger and higher end weddings, I was flown to photograph an entire weekend of wedding events, I went to Brooklyn to do an engagement shoot that was totally out of my element.. and I ROCKED it. I got engaged myself and closed on a home with my fiance. That last thing is enough to make anyone feel like they had a big and defining year. As I look back on the year I can't

help but feel totally calm and at piece with where I am.

As a fairly new to the game photographer I am feeling more and more confident every time I shoot. I am beginning to not fear artificial light so much (although I think I will always prefer natural), I don't get SO nervous every time I pull up to a wedding anymore and I'm more confident than ever when I have to adjust settings quickly because the light, pace or scene has all of a sudden changed.

For those of you who are wondering who photographs a photographers wedding, I have been semi-stalking a guy from Newport, RI for two years who is unbelievable. He is artsy, moody and isn't afraid to play with the sun. His name is Joseph Laurin and I can't wait to stand in front of his camera (this summer !!!)

Becasue I am on the subject of myself as a photographer and the people who will capture me, I'd like to dive in a little into the proposal photo that was captured of Gary and I. Gary is also a digital arts master. He is a photographer but these days mostly is a film maker and now only shoots stills when I ask him too or need a second shooter. The three of us (Gary, myself and our dog, Pixel) take a lot of self timed photos. It is not unusual for us to have a tripod on hand. So when we set up to take a family pumpkin patch photo I thought nothing of it. Gary set the time and ran over and as I was getting ready to pose he got down on one knee and asked that ever so sweet question. So, Gary basically took our proposal photo and its even more special to me because of that <3

p.s. We DID get a pumpkin that afternoon and straight after that we went to visit our parents and closest friends to tell them the news. I am thinking about getting the camera settings of our first kiss as husband and wife tattooed somewhere on me :)

The other big thing for me in 2019 was signing for our home witch means I could FINALLY complete my key project. We took a photo every time we moved somewhere different together, and no that

we're in out forever home I could out all three photos together. 2017, 2018 and 2019 <3

Back to why we're here... photography. I hope in the coming year I'll be able to work more

with a flash and off camera lighting. Even if it is not my favorite form of photography lighting,

it is necessary to know, especially for weddings. I'm in 2020 I'll book more wedding and continue to just get more and more confident with them. Right now I have about 7 booked! I LOVE weddings but I'm also finding my favorite form of connection with clients is still engagement shoots. I love spending time 2 on 1 with them and just playing in different poses and laughing with each other when I try something that looks and feels awkward. I like to have fun and take risks and rush home to see how they look on the computer. Three and a half years in and I still love it ALL.

Soon, I'll start to think about re-branding and what my new business name will be since I am changing my last name. Fun things on the horizon and I could not feel more excited, confident and happy about all the things that are coming my way.

This was by far a big year but I'm feeling even bigger things are ahead.

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