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Beginners Photography Online Class

This course is designed to get you off Auto Mode with your camera in just 6 weeks! It includes a PDF lesson sent out each Monday night, homework, try it tasks, tips, tricks, examples, access to my private Facebook group, and a once a week LIVE Q&A with me! At the end of the six weeks, students will have learned that shooting in Manual Mode isn't so scary after all!

     What you'll need:

  • A camera with a manual setting (any brand / model /year)

  • About 1-2 hours each week to read the lesson and do homework

  • An email or Facebook account

Beginners Editing Digital Photos Online Class

This three-week online course is designed to teach you how to make your photos to come to life with more color, light, and depth than ever before. Each week a lesson will be emailed to those who have signed up. Accompanying the lesson will be examples, tips, tricks and homework. By the end of the three weeks, students will have a basic understanding of how to manipulate the light and color of any photo. 

     What you'll need:

  • Lightroom by Adobe

  • 1-2 hours each week

  • Photos of humans and scenery to upload and practice with

  • An email or Facebook account

Coming soon!

iPhone & Instagram Tips and Tricks Online Mini Class

This three-week online tips and tricks course is designed to realize your full potential on Instagram.  Do you have a business that needs amazing photos? Do you want to create an Instagram for your dog and get thousands of followers? Both of these things are possible with the right photos, hashtags, and descriptions! Sign up for this course to watch your online platform.. transform!

     What you'll need:

  • Smart phone (I use iPhone)

  • An Instagram account

  • 1 hour each week

  • An email or Facebook account

Coming soon!


  • Want to maximize you're learning? Bundles are an option!

  • Private in person & FaceTime lessons are offered upon request

  • SUMMER SPECIAL: Refer a friend and both get $20 off a class

  • Must have a DSLR camera for most courses

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